@SaveOurSeas is getting e-mails from turtles...http://t.co/u7smhjN2q1 #ocean #science [Photo: Jeanette Wyneken] http://t.co/0CUYI7K2rB
RT @DianeN56: Video of the day - Overfishing Our Oceans - YouTube http://t.co/gWGDwWhj1a #overfishing #oceans
RT @FinsandFluke: Take Action: Support the EU Fisheries Commissioner to End #Overfishing http://t.co/PehQv1rftd via @Pew_EU #CFPreality
Secrecy Shrouds Decade-Old Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico - ABC News http://t.co/tNVWphByC7 via @ABC http://t.co/cptj46fLI8
"Why Does California Let Billions Of Gallons Of Fresh Water Flow Into The Ocean?" Uh, that would be the water cycle...http://t.co/q3yjooFI9J
Reality check: 5 yrs after #DeepwaterHorizon, Gulf Coast communities + habitats still suffer http://t.co/6nlzHqcGlO http://t.co/zEVPVV4t0Y
The Disturbing Truth Behind Your Swim With The #Dolphins http://t.co/o92SBFdoEC (via @Dodo) http://t.co/Gi5h5zcvtY
Why We Cannot Forget The Gulf #Oil Spill http://t.co/9nfge3oFR8 http://t.co/OUutZo594Z


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