New Habitats and Human Impacts Discovered in the Deep Sea Surrounding West Coast Marine Sanctuaries

By Courtney Mattison
The National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) recently teamed up with Deep Ocean Exploration and Research… Read more

You are invited to a benchmark expedition with Sylvia Earle that redefines art, exploration and the conservation of our planet!

From our friends at the Ocean Geographic Society:
Join an elite team of explorers comprised of Dr. Sylvia Earle, David Doubilet,… Read more

Encounter at Cay Sal Reveals Poachers in the Bahamas

By Joseph Ierna Jr. / Ocean CREST Alliance
The Bahamas Reefs Hope Spot with its 700 islands and cays represents… Read more


Photo of the Day ~ Peacock Mantis Shrimps’ Amazing Eyes

The Mantis Shrimp has eyes that are compound, like those of the dragonfly, although they have a far smaller number of… Read more

Jamie Pollack
Photo of the Day ~ Weedy Scorpionfish

Also known as Rhinopias frondosa, this fishy jewel’s cryptic camouflage is an invaluable tool for hunting prey and avoiding becoming prey… Read more

Harbor Seal
Photo of the Day ~ Harbor Seal off Cortes Bank

Spotted at Cortes Bank near San Diego, California, a harbor seal (Phoco vitulina) swims through an underwater kelp forest.
Captured… Read more

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© Teens4Oceans
Who says you have to be near the coast to love the ocean?!

From our new partners at Teens4Oceans:
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Film Festival Honors Conservation Leaders

Last Friday, international filmmakers, scientists and some of the world’s most respected conservation leaders gathered for the Wildlife Conservation Film… Read more

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 3.06.39 PM copy
New Seafloor Map from Scripps uses Google Earth to Reveal Mysteries of the Deep

By Courtney Mattison
Sylvia Earle often says, “We know more about space than we do about our oceans.” That surprising… Read more