Cities Compete to Conserve Water

Since April 1, they Wyland Foundation—a non-profit group that helps children discover the importance of healthy oceans through art and science programs—has encouraged civic leaders across the country to inspire their residents to participate in the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. The idea is to reduce water and energy consumption through individual pledges in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act.

The cities with the highest percentage of residents who have signed the water petition will win, and pledge participants from winning cities will be eligible for more than $50,000 worth of prizes, such as a Toyota Prius Hybrid, water-friendly household appliances and Lowe’s gift cards.

Both small and large cities are participating, including Los Angeles, Denver and Honolulu. The challenge comes at no cost to cities and to register residents simply need to enter their ZIP code at mywaterpledge.com and make a water-saving pledge before April 30. Cities are divided into four regions, including the West, Midwest, South and Northeast and are also categorized by population. More than 120 cities have entered the challenge so far.

In a press release, Wyland, an environmental artist famous for his murals depicting whales and other ocean life and founder of the Wyland Foundation, said, “The mayor’s challenge gives communities a way to come together for one very important reason—the future of our planet.”

It remains to be seen which cities are the most “water wise,” and it is not too late to participate and help take the gold.

The challenge is supported by the EPA, the US Forest Service, NOAA, Toyota, oceanographer Sylvia Earle and others.

Top Image Credit: Whatmeworry101, Flickr 

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