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Vampires, Ghosts and Zombies Lurking Below the Waves

By Mera McGrew Did you know that there are real life zombies that secrete acid, vampires that don’t kill, and ghosts that burrow underground? Meet… Read more
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A Sea Creature that Dresses Up for Halloween?

By Mera McGrew They don’t wear sheets to look like ghosts or don fake blood and fangs to resemble vampires, but one family of crabs… Read more
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Explore the Antarctic with Sylvia Earle [VIDEO]

Go on a journey with Mission Blue founder, Dr. Sylvia Earle, to the Southern Ocean as she narrates a short video [watch below]. Click play,… Read more
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United States and New Zealand Propose the Largest Marine Reserve in the World

The United States and New Zealand have put forward a joint proposal that would create a 1.6 million km2 no-take protection area in the Ross Sea located in the Southern Ocean.
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Leonardo DiCaprio Gets 1 Million Signatures to Protect the Southern Ocean

Earlier this month, Leonardo DiCaprio and the organization Avaaz set out on a mission to gain 1 million signatures to back an initiative to protect… Read more
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Making WAVES in Colorado

his past weekend, the Colorado Ocean Coalition hosted its second annual Making WAVES in Colorado – a two-day public ocean film festival
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$10 Million Dollar Donation Gives Way to Global Marine Biodiversity Project

By Mera McGrew The Smithsonian Institution has announced a new global long-term project to monitor the ocean’s coastal ecosystems and biodiversity. The project being dubbed… Read more
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Explore the Ocean in Google Earth with Mission Blue

Take a virtual trip to a faraway place, explore coral reefs, discover the high seas and learn about your favorite marine creatures with Mission Blue without ever leaving your desk.
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WANTED: Far-Reaching Protection of the Southern Ocean

Flags from countries across the globe are flying on Macquarie Street in Hobart, Tasmania. The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) is meeting and over 200 marine scientists...
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The Last Frontier: Antarctica’s Southern Ocean

Mention Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and images of remoteness, vast ice sheets, and large glaciers immediately come to mind. But despite the area’s harsh wind and severe cold, the Antarctic is bursting with marine life.
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