Guy Harvey

April 16, 2013

We just received some amazing news – A hope story from Australia! After years of hard work, one of the most pristine areas on the planet and it’s critters have won protection!

So today we will take a minute to raise a glass to everyone who worked on the Kimberly project as we look forward to a better future where common sense and good science guides energy policy and development! ~ Ed.

Mission Blue partners at have succeeded in helping Australian activists to win a major victory in the fight to save sea turtles on the pristine Kimberley coast from a massive natural gas plant!

After three years of non-stop opposition from around the world, late last week oil giant Woodside Petroleum scrapped its controversial and unpopular Browse Basin natural gas refinery at James Price Point near the town of Broome in Northwest Australia. California-based Chevron cut its ties to the project in late 2012.

The giant project would have destroyed Australian flatback sea turtles and nesting beaches, humpback whales and marine species that rely on the Kimberley coast for feeding, migration and breeding.

“This is an enormous win over Big Oil and complicit politicians who would sacrifice the wild and sacred Kimberley coast. When I return to the Kimberley, I’ll walk the turtle beaches and watch whales without the awful looming of this ugly project,” says Program Director, Teri Shore.

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Feature Photo: (c) Guy Harvey

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