April 6, 2013

National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier, speaks at the Explorers Club in New York on April 8th. ~ ed.

Exploring the mysteries of indigenous cultures–cultures that stand on a precarious edge of a primeval yesterday and a potentially tumultuous tomorrow–is a mission that Chris Rainier was born to. As a National Geographic photographer, photojournalist, and storyteller, Rainier travels to 14 or more countries each year. And unlike other globe-trotting photographers, Rainier’s travel often involve slogging through waist-deep mud, trekking through leech-infested forests, battling malaria, eating everything from insect larvae to bats, sleeping in tree houses, and, sometimes, watching thousands of dollars of camera gear sink to the bottom of a river when a canoe tips over.

After years of shooting in places on the map that are marked with a designation, “no data available,” it stands to reason that Rainier would have one or two favorite images. That is not, however, the case. A favorite shot is still elusive for Rainier who says, “I always am stretching to make that perfect shot. So for me, my favorite shot is the one I haven’t taken yet.”

Photo (c) Chris Rainier

Photo (c) Chris Rainier

Excerpted from Photoworkshop.com

Feature photo (c) Chris Rainier, ChrisRanier.com

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