Cabo Pulmo Ray - Octavio Aburto

June 4, 2013

A Mobula Ray jumps for joy celebrating not only World Oceans Week, but also the 18th Anniversary of her home, Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, located within Mission Blue’s Gulf of California Hope Spot. This jewel of the East Cape region of Baja California Sur stretches five miles from the northernmost tip, Pulmo Point to the southernmost tip, Los Frailes. Surrounded by undeveloped desert and a stunning mountain range, the pristine beaches of Cabo Pulmo Park give way to a shallow bay that cradles one of three living reefs in North America.

A shining example to the world of what marine protection can do, Cabo Pulmo remains under threat.  Development threats to Cabo Pulmo remain, so at Mission Blue, we’re keeping a close eye along with our local partners on the region. 

Read more here: Miracle at Cabo Pulmo

Photo of the Day: Octavio Aburto

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