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June 10, 2013

Last week, in preparation for an International Oceans Summit planned for this fall, Dr. Sylvia Earle was invited along with other ocean experts to The Department of State in Washington, DC to advise Secretary John Kerry on current threats facing our planet’s ocean and to discuss ways to promote international actions needed to move toward a sustainable future. 

As a result, Mission Blue Founder and President, Sylvia Earle has been named to the Steering Committee of Secretary Kerry’s Ocean Initiative – great news for the ocean! 

“World Oceans Day appropriately demands our focus on protecting our planet’s most critical resource and we reaffirm our responsibility to ocean conservation as environmental stewards,” said Kerry in a State Department Press Release.

The United States, working domestically and with partners around the world, is taking significant action to strengthen ocean policy and conservation. Two recent examples are working with New Zealand to establish a marine protected area in Antarctica’s Ross Sea and a partnership with Ireland and the European Union on Atlantic Ocean research.

State Department Oceans Council

“We are committed to addressing threats including pollution, overfishing, and ocean acidification. Solving these challenges and ensuring that the legacy of our oceans is available to future generations require both global cooperation and individual action,” Kerry affirmed.

“Whether we’re talking about trade, or climate, or security, or sustainable food sources, there can be no doubt that the oceans deserve our focus. As Secretary of State, I intend to make them a top priority. This fall, I will host an international oceans conference to further explore these issues and work toward shared solutions.”

At Mission Blue we wholeheartedly support the State Department’s efforts and Secretary Kerry’s willingness to work towards a healthy ocean planet!

Courtesy of U.S. State Department, PRN: 2013/0697

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  • Dennilu Sosa says:

    My concern is the abuse of disposable packaging that Companies are putting in the market. This nonsense pollution. Is there a way that the government can regulate this market. There are so many countries that already started to do so, why not USA to lead the way. It’s not late to teach new generations how to be citizens of this planet and not only of this world. Start with something we all can do tomorrow. Ban use of plastic bags at grocery stores. Then the nonsense water bottle industry. Is painful to see kids carrying every snack and food in zip lock bags. But is more painful to see our government not do anything about it. What are we waiting for? Hope this administration can lead the way, listening to our planet needs and not agendas that hurt us all.

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