Jawfish & Intruders

July 2, 2013

By Lazaro Ruda, The Living Sea

A fun follow-up from recent video of a jawfish with a surprise visitor (http://vimeo.com/67434232)! While the camera was busy recording a long stream of video, I was distracted by a second eel just a couple of feet away. 

Much to my surprise, the second eel followed in the footstep of the first and attempted to enter the jawfish’s burrow. At first, the jawfish pushed the eel away with its head; the same behavior as with the first eel in the video. The eel was reluctant to give in and eventually made its way in. The jawfish retreated under the sand, too.

Within seconds all three reemerged from the burrow and stayed together enjoying the cramped space for a few minutes before both eels eventually exited again. The natural world is full of surprises. I love it!

Photo of the Day by Lazaro Ruda, TheLivingSea.com

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