Nudibranch Feeding. Norway

Photo of the Day ~ Nudibranch Feast

A nudibranch, Flabellina nobilis: Coryphella nobilis feeding on a hydroid Tubularia indivisa in the chilly waters off Norway this spring. The nudibranchs chow down on these hydroids by climbing up the stalks and munching down on the business end of the cnidarian!

Location: Gulen, Norway

Photo (c) Alexander Mustard


One Response to Photo of the Day ~ Nudibranch Feast

  1. Mike Rowe says:

    Having spent over 3000 hours under the water as a commercial diver working the entire British Columbia coastline over the course of 12 years I have been endlessly fascinated by these trippy, psychadelic creatures (of which there appears to be a huge number of different types.)
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture!