July 14, 2013

The next few weeks represent a turning point for key marine ecosystems around Antarctica, including Mission Blue’s Ross Sea Hope Spot. You can play a part in this historic moment by simply tweeting! And today is the day to begin playing your part in the twitterstorm! 

Mission Blue partners at Greenpeace will project your #AntarcticOcean tweets on a wall outside the meeting, so that the world leaders from 24 countries plus the EU who are making these critical decisions will see your messages of support. What a great way for you to be heard!

Greenpeace has made it easy for us with a page of pre-written tweets to chose from here!  Use as they are, or customize your own!

So remember, tweet #antarcticocean for the next week! We will keep you updated with news from the conference! 

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  • J.Nanson says:

    Please consider that a untuched refugee for the wildlife and a save foodresovier is more importand than the millions tonns of waistet food every year. Just that we have a lot of dead animals too look at in the Spops. Think of the overfishing and the dead fish that is immedeatly thrown over board because that fish is not wanted. Please reethink your food habit

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