Act Now

Dr Earle“I have lots of heroes – anyone and everyone who does whatever they can to leave the natural world better than they found it.” ~ Sylvia Earle

There are countless large and small things that you can do to help the ocean. Here are some ways that you can get started today!

Join the Mission Blue Movement! By supporting our work at Mission Blue, you can be a part of Dr. Sylvia Earle’s mission to save the ocean! We will keep you up to date with Mission Blue’s expeditions, campaigns and more through our quarterly newsletters. You can help us to protect ocean Hope Spots and reach our goal of 20% protection by 2020!

Reduce your carbon footprint. Ride your bike to work, drive a fuel efficient car, switch off the lights, and dress up or down instead of upping the thermostat or air conditioning.  Learn more about what can do to reduce your use of the fossil fuels that are poisoning our ocean and air!

Inspire, educate and empower others.  Use your voice through social media and directly with friends and colleagues to spread the word.  Follow and share Mission Blue’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and all of our channels to help amplify our messages to save the ocean. One of our biggest problems we face is that people just don’t know how much trouble the ocean is in, and you can help to fix that!

Use a sustainable seafood Guide and ‘vote with your dollars.’ Let your local restaurant or grocery store know that you expect them to buy from sustainable sources, or you will take your business elsewhere. Look for special terms like “line caught,” “sustainably caught” or “sustainably harvested.” Or better yet, follow Dr. Earle’s example and give sealife a break completely. Two good ones are The Monterey  Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch App and Blue Ocean Institute’s Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood.

When it comes to plastic, remember the 3 R’s of Refuse, Reuse, Recycle! When making your choices as a consumer, factor in what kind of packaging the product comes in. Consider writing to manufacturers to request more eco-friendly packaging for your favorite products. Reducing your plastic footprint takes time – plastic is everywhere! Start by using reusable shopping bags and water bottles. But by starting small and being mindful about your choices, you will have a big impact over time.

And remember, everyone can make a difference!