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UN Meeting Offers Hope for High Seas Protection

Things are looking up for the high seas after last week’s deliberations at United Nations Headquarters in New York City.… Read more

Bring Balance to the Bering Sea

By Jackie Dragon (Originally published January 16, 2015 on
This week in Seattle billboards and posters are popping up… Read more

BREAKING: Dr. Sylvia Earle Boldly Addresses the UN To Urge Legal Protection for High Seas

Dr. Sylvia Earle addressed the United Nations Tuesday afternoon, urging the body to take action and implement an agreement that… Read more

Biotherm to Help Restore Coral Lagoon in French Polynesia

In Paris on Monday, French luxury skincare company Biotherm held a joint press conference with Mission Blue to announce that… Read more

Sylvia at Knysna Dedication(c)KipEvansMissionBlue
South Africans Unite Around Hope Spots

While 12 percent of the land on Earth is protected, less than 3% of the ocean has meaningful protection from… Read more

Pope Francis © Jeffrey Bruno / Aleteia Image Department
Pope to Urge Action on Climate Change

The words Pope and Catholic Church may not often occur in the same sentence as climate change, but that is… Read more

Central American Dome – Playa Grande, Costa Rica Expedition

In January 2014, MarViva and Mission Blue launched a film expedition with Dr. Sylvia Earle to highlight our Central American Dome Hope Spot.… Read more

Oil Spill in Bangladesh! (Why Do Mangroves Matter?)

by Brett Garling
A month ago, an oil tanker spilled hundreds of thousands of liters of oil into the largest… Read more

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Microplastics Causing Macro-Danger

They’re in your clothes, working their way through the washing machine, traveling through drains and out sewage outfalls. Then before… Read more