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A Big Blue Happy Birthday to Dr. Sylvia Earle!
From the bottom of our blue hearts, we here at Mission Blue want to wish… Read more
Shortraker rockfish, crinoids, brittle stars, basket stars, anenones and more, seen on the sea floor by a manned submersible, during undersea research of Zhemchug Canyon in the Bering Sea, off the Greenpeace support vessel M/V Esperanza. (c) Greenpeace
The Best Science on Alaska’s Bering Sea Canyons Just Got Better
by Jackie Dragon Scientists have recently made critical new discoveries about some of the most… Read more
Life in the Gulf of California Hope Spot
The Gulf of California, a 700-mile narrow sea between Baja and mainland Mexico, is home… Read more
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Cashes Ledge: the Gem of New England
Led by Dr. Sylvia Earle, the Mission Blue team recently returned from a Hope Spot… Read more
Jonah Bryson filming a field
of wind turbines in Germany. © 2015
15-year-old Jonah Bryson Asks For Your Help
By Jonah Bryson   Imagine a place, deep in the Canadian forests of Ontario, where… Read more
Gills Club Interviews Dr. Sylvia Earle
Our partners at the Gills Club recently interviewed Mission Blue founder Dr. Sylvia Earle. Learn… Read more
Fun, Games and Conservation in Japan
From our partners at earthlysoul in Japan: On July 12th, earthlysoul held it’s first Kid’s… Read more
The Vibrant Bering Sea (NOAA)
Protect the Grand Canyons of the Ocean
By Courtney Mattison Hidden below the surface of Alaska’s icy waters lie the world’s largest… Read more
Marine Mammal Research & Conservation in Sri Lanka
From our new partners at the Biosphere Foundation In 1979 the International Whaling Commission declared… Read more