BlueHopeFriends of the ocean! As you may know, Sylvia Earle is in the thick of an innovative crowdsourced book project through Kickstarter. In this campaign, her goal is to create a unique and captivating large-format photography book that brings millions of people underwater with the power of the press. The book, titled Blue Hope, will help ignite emotional support for protecting our planet’s most precious resource. Here you can find everything you need to know about how the Kickstarter is doing, how you can donate and how you can spread the word. Once the submissions for photos and quotes start streaming in you will also see them here.

Beyond backing Sylvia’s Kickstarter, there are more ways you can support Blue Hope. Make sure to follow Mission Blue on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and help amplify our Blue Hope call to action.

Blue Hope - An Ocean Book for the World -- Kicktraq Mini

Do you have inspiring ocean quotes or photos? Sylvia is crowd-sourcing quotes and photos for inclusion in Blue Hope and you can submit your ideas here!