Photo of the Day

Tiger Shark - Alex Mustard
Photo of the Day ~ Tiger Shark

Alexander Mustard shared this beautiful image of a Tiger Shark, Galeocerdo cuvier swimming just under the surface in the Bahamas.
Large… Read more

Photo (c) Kip Evans
Humpbacks off Monterey, California

From Mission Blue Director of Expeditions and Photography, Kip Evans, “It’s so rare to have these beautiful flat days off… Read more

Common Seal Portrait. Coll, Scotland
Photo of the Week ~ Harbor Seal

A common seal (Phoca vitulina) at the surface in the evening. Harbor seals are also the most widely distributed pinniped. They… Read more

Photo of the Week ~ Walking Shark

Mission Blue partners at Conservation International have played a part in the discovery of a new species of Epaulette Shark,… Read more

Photo of the Week ~ Sargasso Fish

Our photo of the week is the Sargassum Fish, Histrio histrio, to celebrate Mission Blue’s Sargasso Sea Hope Spot and… Read more

DJ Roller/Liquid Pictures
Photo of the Day ~ Aquarius Awaits

Our old friend Aquarius stands patiently on the sea floor, waiting for the launch of Mission 31 – Fabien Cousteau’s… Read more

High Five
Photo of the Day ~ High Five for Sharks

Possibly our favorite shark photo – Eli Martinez receives a stylin’ High Five from a smiling lemon shark named Taxi… Read more

Photo of the Day – King Penguins Cozy up in South Georgia

King Penguins, Aptenodytes patagonica, are one of the key iconic Antarctic species that we are working hard to protect as we… Read more

Mantis Shrimp
Photo of the Day ~ Mantis Shrimps’ Extraordinary Vision

The Mantis Shrimp, or stomatopod, has eyes that are compound, like those of the dragonfly, although they have a far… Read more