#OceanOptimism: Hawaii is first state to BAN plastic checkout bags! http://t.co/Vs7XFxUQsI
#Monaco to host an ecosystem of #ocean all-stars at BLUE 2015 prior to #COP21 http://t.co/O1lpzF6zxM @BlueOceanFilm http://t.co/uaJCYlUZfl
Read About Marine Mammal Research & Conservation in Sri Lanka http://t.co/nDZPkXErl1 http://t.co/1YkvmlL702
#OceanOptimism! @McDonalds calls for Balance in the Bering Sea! Read their letter here. http://t.co/iwTLyVny9C http://t.co/iVhxp0jiRu
The Best Science on Alaska’s Bering Sea Canyons Just Got Better http://t.co/RrzA937abr http://t.co/gE08JwLwis
WOW: a renegade trawler hunted for 10,000 miles by eco-vigilantes via @nytimes http://t.co/g9xb3KgSlD http://t.co/IfQhESc0y0
'Art for a Cause' supports our #HopeSpots. Thanks @RegenDesigns @sharktopia for raising awareness and funds! http://t.co/niaIsli6Dn
The Beautiful But Destructive #Lionfish Is Resorting to Cannibalism http://t.co/R1WhSm5fC3 http://t.co/Vlalt0qAiO


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