May 4, 2011

Sylvia Earle
Google is showcasing some incredible sculptures of oceanographers, marine photographers and famous divers to commemorate the successful launch of the new Google Ocean. The art is in one of the main courtyards open for the public to visit. The courtyard is located at 1600 Amphitheater Way, Mountain View. 
Jacques Cousteau

The sculptures were carved by “Viktor,” who has captured all the individuals who  received the famous Legends of The Sea Award. The massive stone carvings were unveiled in August of 2009. 

Some of the people represented are Stan Waterman – underwater film photographer, Jacques Cousteau –  ocean environmentalist & educator,  and Dr. Sylvia Earle – National Geographic Explorer. There are also carvings of Ron and Valerie Taylor – shark experts and film makers and Zale Parry – an underwater photographer and actress. These carvings are exquisite. A special “thanks you” to Google, for the beautiful sculptures that you brought to Mountain View and for mapping the Earth.
This short video tells more about Sylvia Earle and the work that was done to get “Victor’s” sculptures in place.

Read the full story here by Bushido Izakaya.

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