June 21, 2011

Referred to as part of America’s hardest working wetlands, Louisiana’s marshes are breathtaking, but it’s a natural treasure that’s disappearing at an alarming rate. In the second episode for Journey OnEarth, Sylvia Earle tells us why the once resilient marshes might be on the verge of extinction. To take a closer look at this unique ecosystem and examine what losing it means for us watch as Sylvia Earle and others share their knowledge about these precious resources in the short documentary below:

Director: Roshini Thinakaran
Camera/ Editor: Zakary Wenning
Producers: Roshini Thinakara, Zakary Wenning
Writer: Roshini Thinakaran

Journey OnEarth follows correspondent Roshini Thinakaran, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, as she reports about the people most impacted by pollution, oil spills, toxic chemicals, and communities coping with climate change across the country. (www.onearth.org)

Edited by Sadie Waddington


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