December 15, 2011

After many months in the making, Tank Bangers has released their video, “Our Blue” – well worth  watching!

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  • Dear Mission Blue Community, I share your passion, in my heart is not only an ocean but a River. My colour is not only blue but green, the colour of the Amazonas. At the end is the same passion, just water and life.

    My name is Monica Velarde I am a Senior Consultant at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London and the Director of a Programme named Hope for the Amazonas: Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Culture. We work since 2010 with 10 different tribes of the Amazonas to enable them develop leadership skills while liasing between the government, extractive industries and international organizations.

    The Amazonas cultural and ecological sustainability is in danger. And we need supporters.

    If you know anyone interested on helping us carry on this programme please let us know at or

    Best Regards
    Monica Velarde
    The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

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