January 4, 2012

25th International Conference on Conservation Biology

Auckland, NZ


Dr. Patricia Majluf has been recognized with one of three 2011 Distinguished Service Awards by the Society for Conservation Biology for outstanding contributions to the field of conservation biology.  She is the founder and current director of the Center for Environmental Sustainability (CSA) at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH) in Lima, Peru.

 Dr. Majluf on the important impacts of the Peruvian Anchovy, or ‘Anchoveta’

Since 1982, she has been in charge of the longest-running research program in coastal Peru, studying the impacts of El Niño and fisheries on marine wildlife populations.  Since 1996 she has led marine conservation efforts in Peru, promoting the establishment of marine protected areas and developing public awareness of the large-scale ecological and socioeconomic impacts of industrial fisheries and other extractive industries to the Humboldt Upwelling System. 

Dr. Majluf was given the award for her leadership in marine wildlife conservation and for the inspiration she provides to marine conservationists across the globe.

 For more information, visit www.csa-upch.org or www.anchoveta.info

Written by Dr. Phil McGillivary

Submitted by Gavin Morris
Edited by Deb Castellana

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