May 6, 2012

Last Friday, Dr. Sylvia Earle teamed up with other ocean conservation pioneers at NASDAQ MarketSite’s Drum Area in Times Square to launch theBlu – a “socially-connected, globally interactive app” that lets you connect with and explore the ocean and support its conservation. Alongside Avatar’s Academy Award-winning illustrator and theBlu core team member Andy Jones, and The Cove director and theBlu co-advisor Louis Psihoyos, Dr. Earle emphasized the importance of everyone – especially young people – doing their part to protect the oceans.


It’s easy and fun to use theBlu to encounter and collect colorful virtual fish species for a customized experience, explore diverse habitats, and even send sea life swimming to friends across the internet! Just download the free version from theBlu.comand start browsing. When you buy “ambassador” species or habitats in theBlu for your virtual ocean, 25% of the purchase price directly benefits theBlu’s non-profit cause collaborators including Mission Blue and Ocean Elders who are working to conserve the real marine environment. By learning about and enjoying the virtual ocean in theBlu, you can also support efforts to protect the world ocean.

“The oceans deserve our respect and care, but you have to know something before you can care about it. ‘theBlu’ is an extraordinary way to enjoy the oceans and learn about all the individual species that interdependently form our life support system and make the oceans so vital to our individual well-being and our planet as a whole.” – Dr. Sylvia Earle

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