September 26, 2012

By Mera McGrew

Today, millions around the world were able to dive into the ocean and explore the Great Barrier Reef  without even getting wet.

In a Google+ Hangout live from the launch of Google’s Underwater Street View, a packed room in Monterey California video chatted with James Cook University marine biologist Richard Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick, was underwater on a reef off the coast of Australia. He swam through the darkened reef in the middle of the night, stopping to show viewers a giant clam and the feeding mechanisms of a starfish. As a juvenile green sea turtle swam by, the audience watching live in Monterey gasped and applauded loudly. Fitzpatrick talked about green turtle nesting sites located near where he was diving before signing off.

In the future, Catlin Seaview Survey plans to host a multitude of live underwater hangouts where educators, students and others can log on, dive in and learn about the blue heart of our planet. If you missed today’s underwater hangout, we urge you to sit down and dive in below!

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