October 26, 2012

Earlier this month, Leonardo DiCaprio and the organization Avaaz set out on a mission to gain 1 million signatures to back an initiative to protect the Southern Ocean. Today, they have reached 1 million signatures — representing 1 million voices calling for the protection of the Southern Ocean. The petition is now set to go before delegates of the Antarctic Commission currently meeting behind closed doors in Hobart, Tasmania.

The petition states the following: “As concerned citizens from around the world, we call on you to act decisively to secure the precious habitat of whales and other ocean species when you meet in Hobart, Australia. We call for an ambitious deal that establishes the world’s largest network of marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean, starting with the Ross Sea and East Antarctica.”

Led by DiCaprio and Avaaz.org, this petition is one of many initiatives that are determined to contribute to this important cause and increase public participation to secure greater protection of the Southern Ocean.


Learn more about the petition and sign your name to help save the Antarctic Ocean.

Read about the meeting happening in Hobart where world leaders are deciding the fate of the Southern Ocean behind closed doors.

Find out other ways to get involved.

Learn more about the Southern Ocean.

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