January 30, 2013

New York City based artist, speaker, writer and conservationist Asher Jay uses all her creative faculties to spark engaging visual discourses with audiences across the globe about contemporary ecological and humanitarian concerns.

With a particular passion for the “wild and unexpected” nature of marine life, Jay describes her work as “concise, relatable artworks and visual campaigns that are rich in educational content yet capture the imagination of adults and children alike.” She says, “Nature is rich in magic, color, texture, complexity and awareness; so every one of my creations incorporates all these dynamic elements. For me, art and activism are inextricably linked; each nourishes the other.”

“Fallen Night Sky” © Asher Jay

Jay’s unique brand of art and ocean activism has allowed her to collaborate with leading ocean scientists and advocates, to show her work in galleries around the world and most recently to develop “Blue Beyond Borders” – a new series of ocean conservation fundraiser events. Jay describes Blue Beyond Borders (BBB) as “a platform that gives renowned speakers, performers, artists, musicians, dancers, journalists, authors, photographers, activists, and other luminaries committed to changing the fate of our endangered oceans the opportunity to band together under a single roof to make a difference.”

“Dolphin Drip Disaster” © Asher Jay

The second of these BBB events – “I Heart Blue: An ocean love affair” – will be held in NYC on Wednesday, January 30th to support the Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI). Jay looks forward to the event as a creative, sustainable and inspiring way to rally support for MERI:

Since the event is two weeks before Valentine’s Day and given the love for the oceans that I and all of the participants feel, it is aptly titled:  I Heart Blue – an ocean love affair. I like to think of this evening as an interactive love letter to the ocean. It will be an engaging multimedia, performance-based, low carbon experience that will raise money and awareness for the Marine Environmental Research Institute, a leading organization in the ocean community dedicated to understanding the land-sea connection, and protecting ocean life as well as human health through research, outreach, and advocacy. Renowned musicians, dancers, actors, and other performers will be providing entertainment for the event, including live music, interpretive dance, theatre, rap, and poetry. Ocean conservation experts will engage in an exciting roundtable discussion, which will be moderated by Fabien Cousteau. Keynote speech will be given by Dr. Susan Shaw, Founder of Marine Environmental Research Institute. There will be a silent auction featuring art, sculpture, autographed books, award-winning photography, gift cards, luxury items, etc.

To register for “I Heart Blue: An ocean love affair,” visit: http://iheartblue.eventbrite.com/

Click here for more on MERI.

And here for more on Asher Jay’s marine conservation work.

by Courtney Mattison

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