March 25, 2013

Last week, Seattle game designers Cascade Game Foundry launched ‘Infinite Scuba’, partnering with PADI, DEMA, Mission Blue, SCUBAPRO, Body Glove, Oceanic, BARE and more to launch the new Windows PC and Mac platformed game. Infinite Scuba™ is the first product in their portfolio of next-generation simulation games. Infinite Scuba helps players of all ages experience the beauty, mystery and serenity of scuba diving in breathtakingly recreated dive sites from around the world.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with world authorities on scuba diving and environmentalism to create Infinite Scuba,” says Kathie Flood, Managing Director at CGF and a 17-year veteran of the video game industry.

“We are incredibly fortunate to work with Sylvia Earle and Mission Blue on Infinite Scuba and we are eager to use the game to help to raise public awareness about the importance of ocean health,” says Kathie Flood, Managing Director at CGF. “Sylvia is selecting the location and activities for our next major dive site, and we are excited to start building it now that our initial release is available online. It will be fantastic to see her in the game leading a virtual tour underwater!”

underwater scene

In the initial release of the downloadable game, players explore a shipwreck in Chuuk Lagoon, the site of a pivotal World War II battle that is now a renowned South Pacific dive destination. In the years since that battle, the Chuuk shipwrecks have transformed into thriving reefs. Players search for fish and coral, as well as artifacts from the war, each of which unlocks a page of local history or dive science. Players exploring the wrecks can take photos to share with friends and earn dive certifications which unlock additional content. Players can also purchase and download new equipment, challenges, and dive sites from inside the game.

“Scuba diving is an exciting, life-changing activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages,” says Kristin Valette, PADI Americas’ Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “The PADI organization’s goal is to help people learn to dive and appreciate the wonder of the underwater world. Through our partnership with Cascade Game Foundry, PADI and Infinite Scuba will introduce an even broader audience to the excitement of diving and encourage them to dive into the real thing.”

Cascade Game Foundry is hard at work creating additional dive sites and adventures for Infinite Scuba to be released in the second quarter 2013. The game is available now for Windows PC and MacOS. To download and play Infinite Scuba visit

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