July 26, 2013

“I first met Sylvia in Spain when she publicly goaded me at a press conference for not giving the ocean fair treatment in Google Earth. From the moment I met her I was inspired by her conviction and energy. I have met very few people who can compare to Sylvia in terms of her velocity of work, travel, and speaking. She can move from an underwater dive to an international red-eye to a stage on the other side of the world in front of thousands of people without batting an eye. In fact she does this dozens of times per year. And she’s always perfectly composed and passionately articulate about saving the world’s oceans from environmental destruction. She’s remarkable and is truly one of my heroes.”

Take a quick tour with John and Sylvia through the Explore the Ocean layer in Google Earth!

Courtesy of Marsha Felton, from her interview with Mission Blue Board Director, John Hanke, V.P., Product Google; previously V.P., Google Earth & Maps

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