August 14, 2013


Nineteen Causes for Hope!

The Bering Sea Canyons were recently named the 19th Mission Blue Hope Spot, an area of critical importance to the ocean’s health: seeds of tomorrow’s healthy ocean. Already, change is happening and hope is growing.

The Bering Sea Canyons Hope Spot supports a near endless variety of precious life, a vital ecosystem which is threatened by industrial fishing. After Mission Blue and Greenpeace jointly announced the 19th Hope Spot, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council decided to expand research in the region to conserve the Bering Sea and its canyons.

By identifying precious ecosystems in the oceans with our scientific minds and human hearts — Hope Spots! — we can create a network of Marine Protected Areas across the globe. We can take what’s left of the ocean and nurture our planet’s Blue Heart back to health, for us and for the future.

This is the work of Mission Blue. Onward!

Hope Spot Map

Central American Dome

Recently an alliance of conservation organizations took a big step forward towards protecting the Central American Dome. This highly productive region of the eastern tropical Pacific is home to abundant marine life, including critically endangered leatherback sea turtles and blue whales.

Check out this article in National Geographic for full information on the Central American Dome.

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Check out this stunning video featuring Sylvia Earle released on World Oceans Day.
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Keep Hope Alive!
You can support us by purchasing Custom Hope Spot Silk Scarves and more at the Mission Blue Store! This one is in honor of Shark Week 2013!
On June 13th, the National Geographic Society awarded its highest honor – the Hubbard Medal – to Mission Blue founder Dr. Sylvia Earle, film director and explorer James Cameron and legendary scientist and Harvard professor Dr. E. O. Wilson. Get the full scoop here!

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