August 5, 2013

It’s Shark Week! How jawsome is that? We get a full week to celebrate and learn the full 360 on these toothy fellows. Get involved in the conversation! Check out the cheat sheet below, provided by our friends at Upwell.


On the menu for the week is a close look at the gargantuan megalodon, which had 7 inch teeth and the most powerful bite of any creature ever. Its chomp packed between 10 – 18 tons of pressure, compared to today’s lion which does about 600 pounds. What a wimpy cat! Check the graphic…these guys were huge!


Viewers can also look forward to 11 hours of new material, a profile of freshwater bull sharks near New Orleans, a peek at extremely rare deep sea sharks and the top ten sharkdown of the world’s most deadly species. The week’s programming is sure to crescendo into a fantastic fin-ale!

Yes, indeed, sharks are awesomely powerful predators; but, calling them man-eaters is off the mark. Did you know that deer kill more people than sharks? That’s right, every year approximately 130 unlucky Americans fall victim to deer collisions. Less than one person is killed yearly in the US due to sharks. Yet, we largely view sharks through a skewed lens of violence. It’s not hard to understand why — the teeth coming from the deep excites primordial fear. Yet, we humans are blessed with rationality and should recognize sharks for the beautifully evolved — and harmless to humans — creatures they are.

Shark Swarm - Justin Lewis

The bottom line is we need to immediately cease killing millions of sharks a year for their fins. Let that practice be fin-ished! Shark populations are decreasing globally and many are becoming endangered due to pollution, fining and overfishing. As we celebrate these toothy critters this week, let’s hope that next year we find sharks in better shape than we do this year.

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