October 22, 2013

Exciting news has come out of the 3rd International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC 3): Her Deepness Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue and IUCN have launched 31 new Mission Blue Hope Spots — Marine Protected Areas — across the globe to massively scale up the level of marine protection that experts consider necessary for a sustainable future.

A Hope Spot is an area of ocean that merits special protection because of its wildlife and significant underwater habitats. Each Hope Spot can give the ocean a breathing space from human activities so that it may recover and flourish. Dr. Earle named these areas Hope Spots because they represent a real hope to restore the health of our imperiled ocean.

The 31 new announcements come in addition to the 19 Hope Spots that Mission Blue has worked to protect over the last four years. Click the thumbnail below to hear more about Hope Spots directly from Dr. Earle.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.53.17 AM

 When Dr. Earle won the TED Prize in 2009, she implored ocean supporters “to use all means at your disposal – films, the web, expeditions, new submarines, a campaign! – to ignite public support for a network of global marine protected areas, Hope Spots large enough to save and restore the ocean, the blue heart of the planet.” Click on the thumbnail below to hear the whole TED Talk. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.54.43 AM

Today, that dream inches closer to reality as gathered ocean experts at IMPAC 3 are confronted with this boldest vision to protect the Earth’s Blue Heart, the shimmering global ocean that drives planetary chemistry and sustains all life on the planet. As IMPAC 3 will set the Marine Protected Area agenda for the next few years and tackle issues of management, financing, ecological representativity, local integration and high seas stewardship, the increase to 50 Hope Spots could not be more timely.

We are fortunate to live in ‘a sweet spot in time.’ Now we know what is happening to our fragile blue planet and its ocean, and we also know what steps are needed to change the course we are on. With this message of hope, Mission Blue and IUCN are mobilizing a growing international community of stakeholders to take the urgent action needed to reverse the ocean’s current state of peril while we are still able to change course.

Coral outcrop on Flynn Reef

Please support Mission Blue and IUCN to help ignite support for a global network of 50 Marine Protected Areas that can form the seeds of tomorrow’s healthy ocean.

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  • Damayanti says:

    Very interesting . Thank you for doing such a service of epic proportions.Cleaning up the oceans! It’s an Herculean task no doubt. More than that I’m grateful to you for educating me on the perils faced by marine species.

  • george cummings says:

    WOW Sylvia you have really hit the mark. Full speed ahead Mission Blue!!!.
    John Holder and I had such a great time with Charlotte at SXSWECO, spreading the news …”Get ready for a Mission Blue announcement’. The 50 Hope Spots have our minds swirling with wild wonderful dreams. As we complete our 7th year as boots on the ground for Mission Blue working in one ACTION SPOT inside HOPE SPOT #3. Using the Coral triangle back drop plus our land, air and sea approach to shoot video, take photos, and lead multi disciplined scientists, on Explore Flag Expeditions. All ACTIONS done to enhance the GREAT story of a special tiny group of Papua New Guinea islands, home of a very special culture, The Siassi. Can we connect these villages, our Mission Blue scientists in the field via solar power “SKYPE” stations to schools all over this planet? His greatness of the sea taught us all “People Protect What They Love.” If we can engage their minds ….tell the GREAT STORY ….THEY WILL LOVE…. THEY WILL PROTECT… OFF WE BOLDLY GO 50 MISSIONS NOW. Which GOD willing will double every year until we have turned our OCEANS around. There is HOPE. Thank you so much your deepness for inspiring us all to LOVE the ONE GREAT OCEAN.

  • John Holder says:

    Fantastic— What wonderful new HOPE SPOTS, WOW!!! Mozambique, and the rest of the Indian Ocean basin, excellent!!! It is truly amazing seeing the formation of such a powerful network of marine regions being note and exposed to the world, well done all!!! I can’t wait to share a very special and important little place with ya’ll at Mission Blue.

    Think East Lobe of Coral Triangle, want to know more???

  • Ghalia Fayad says:


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