February 19, 2014

Next month, Mission Blue Founder Dr. Sylvia Earle will be taking part in the Bahamian National Natural History Conference in Nassau. But did you know that although the Bahamas has been a model area for protection, part of the Bahamian Reefs Hope Spot remains unprotected?

Recently Living Jewels, a grassroots organization from San Salvador reached out to us about their work over almost a decade to establish a national land and sea park through the Bahamian National Trust.  A final version of the proposal is in preparation and they are optimistic that it will get final approval soon. 

On the island of San Salvador, the farthest island in the Bahamas from the US, the youth are deepening their connection to nature by experiencing in their own blue backyard, which is abundant with coral reefs and mangroves. 

When she noticed that many local children could not swim or snorkel, despite the fact that they lived surrounded by water, Living Jewels and Sea Camp founder Sandra Voegeli decided to do something.  Now they are out exploring the mangrove ecosystem and learning about its importance to the overall health of their environment. 

The young people of San Salvador make wonderful spokespersons for the future. Here’s what they have to say!

Please take a moment and add your voice to ours as we call for protection for San Salvador’s pristine waters. Help insure that our children, and their children, will always find wonderment in San Salvador Island’s blue kingdom!  Click and sign here! http://chn.ge/1bUzwDQ


  • Sharrah says:

    We look forward to the day when this hope spot in The Bahamas becomes a protected area. These are our national treasures. Thanks so much Mission Blue and Dr. Sylvia Earle for your support!

  • Paul Robillard says:

    The reefs around San Salvador Island represent a great tourist attraction and, thus, a great economic asset for the Bahamas in general and the island of San Salvador in particular.

    While diving around the island, I have had the opportunity to see how fragile the reefs are: I made several sightings of lion fishes and participated at the removal of fishing tackles inhibiting marine life.

    Protecting and ensuring the perennity of this habitat should be part of an economic policy aimed at supporting and growing Bahamas’ tourist industry.

  • San Salvador's Living Jewels says:

    We are still collecting petition signatures to submit with San Sal’s park proposal. Thanks for your support! SSLJ

  • Marcia says:

    It is our commitment at BREEF to continue to support this effort until San Salvador has secured part of it’s natural heritage in protected areas. The time is even more critical now, with new and expanded developments planned for this little, historic island.

  • Stephanie Krueger says:

    Protect the reefs!!

  • Peter and Carol STratford says:

    Please protect all the wonderful marine life in San Salvador… now and forever!

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