March 28, 2014

This question is posed by Mission Blue as part of the Clean Water Tour launching this weekend in Austin, Texas in conjunction with many partners. In this post, there are links to answers to that question, but with something that is as vital to our existence as water, there are many answers.

One of the most compelling and beautiful cases for the importance of water is found in a short film written and narrated by Mission Blue’s Dr. Sylvia Earle and produced by National Geographic.  This film is a superb overview of the importance of water and the ubiquity of it in our world.

The film is also the introduction to our Explore the Ocean layer in Google Earth. You can search thousands of stories from the Google Earth on this website from the menu tab above. In each story  the watery parts of our planet play an essential role.

What is the magnitude of the question about water and the answers?

When faced with any question worth considering, many people type the question into a Google Search box.

Google – “Why is water important to life.”  

Google provided 442 million sources in answer to the question in English in .73 seconds. The first 10 addressed the question from varied perspectives. One was entitled  “Life’s Little Essential” and was from PBS NOVA by Peter Tyson. 

It is surprising how much there is to learn about water and how to keep it clean. And, that is why Mission Blue joined this weekend with partners of the Clean Water Tour to help teach people much more about water and the need to begin to focus more on it.

Clean Water Tour’s mission is to raise awareness for the global clean water crises by rallying consumers, businesses, government agencies and the investment community around the world’s leading water scientists and researchers, delivered in a modern online social community setting. 

The Tour also functions as a business accelerator and showcase for partner systems/products, services and best practices with the potential to make a big impact for clean water. The Tour’s point-of-view is community-driven and apolitical, ensuring that key viewpoints are presented to solve clean water problems. The Tour is also building a lineup of talented independent music artists, filmmakers and athletes who want to use their voices to amplify the clean water message. . . starting in their own hometowns!

As the “Official Water Testing Partner” of the Clean Water Tour, Blue Ocean Sciences and their Hope2o water testing kit seek to to map the world’s water supply, while also giving customers the most affordable and comprehensive water testing solution on the market today. 

“Most people don’t realize that when water leaves their municipality, downline pipes are rarely tested,” commented Dr. Andrea Neal of Blue Ocean Sciences. “Our customers will not only gain peace of mind knowing their water filters are working properly, but also gain satisfaction knowing they are helping to solve problems by contributing their test results anonymously to science.”  In the spirit of community, the Hope2O kit (List Price: $125, Member Price: $75) is now available for purchase by consumers and businesses through a crowdfunding campaign scheduled to go live on April 1.

Thanks to a reputation for tech innovation, social responsibility and music, Tour officials selected Austin, Texas to launch the Clean Water Tour. The Clean Water tour is powering a concert at the Austin Music Hall on Friday, March 28, starring country music sensation, Jerrod Niemann with the Swon Brothers and Deejay Silver, presented by, All-State Insurance, Miller, RAM, KASE & KVET (Clear Channel Austin), Christie, Blue Ocean Sciences, Mission Blue and  Extended Digital.  

Jerrod Niemann, Photo Credit: Jeremy Cowart

Jerrod Niemann, Photo Credit: Jeremy Cowart

“Austin is the first of hundreds of cities around the planet we intend to establish sustaining operations over the next few years,” said Cord Pereira, Executive Producer of the Clean Water Tour. “The Tour can literally plug into and adapt to any existing event format, creating a win for event promoters and the local community.”  

Pereira also noted  that a number of cities are ramping up with the next market being Keystone, Colorado on April 5 for the “Community Cup” hosted by pro snowboarder and environmentalist, Chanelle Sladics. “The Community Cup showcases 21 Olympic Women Snowboarders competing on a slopestyle course designed by the riders, while also focusing attention on environmental awareness, eco workshops, and healthy living,” said Sladics. “The Clean Water Tour brings its message of clean water awareness to our event, as well as a concert performance by Clean Water Music artist Jeff Brinkman.” 

Chanelle Sladics on water, Photo by Chris Grant

Chanelle Sladics on water, Photo by Chris Grant


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