May 19, 2014


What happens when a group of incredible women marine scientists aim to inspire girls to follow their hearts and pursue their passion for the sea?

Find out with Mission Blue partner Ocean GEMS, a multimedia series and outreach program that connects teenaged girls to women marine science role models to offer youth a pathway to reach their dreams!

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With support from The Baum Foundation (, Ocean GEMS breaks ground by combining active mentoring by women marine scientists with a documentary series, interactive web-based forums, social media communities, and afterschool programs. 

Many girls don’t make the connection between science and their interest in helping people and the environment.   The influence of Ocean GEMS role models and mentors has a significant impact on girls’ judgment and impressions of science-related careers. There are so many ways girls, and youth, can help the oceans. With the right mentorship, these young people are our hope spots for the future.

By harnessing the power of digital & social media, Ocean GEMS raises awareness and knowledge of marine science issues; fosters interest in and knowledge of marine science careers; provides interactions with marine scientist role models and mentors; and creates a virtual community for youth interested in marine science.

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Join the Ocean GEMS team as they travel the world to explore the exciting careers & adventures of remarkable scientists engaged in ocean exploration, spawning engagement with youth not just on the web but also in communities across the country.

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Mission Blue is thrilled to partner with Ocean Gems!  Dr. Sylvia Earle is an inspiring role model and mentor for those who care about our oceans, especially for young girls. Her words and actions continue to ripple outwards, creating waves of passion for the marine world.  Ocean GEMS are committed to helping youth explore ocean science, to ensure that upcoming generations are aware and involved in understanding, protecting, and caring for our blue planet.


5 thoughts on “Ocean Gems Connects Teenage Girls to Women Marine Scientists

  1. This is an amazing program. I am so glad to read that this exists for girls. In Florida, we have the Oceanography Camp for Girls lead by my mentors: Dr. Teresa Greely and Dr. Angela Lodge. I’d be interested to find out if we have a location for this here in Florida as well! Brilliant!

    1. Hi Hannah!

      Thanks for your kind remarks. Ocean GEMS is a web-based program for the moment, but will soon be expanding in a very exciting way whereby we will be able to have girls (and/ or boys!) form a chapter wherever they are located. Please send me an email ( and we will stay in touch as that moves forward. Also, you might want to visit with us when we are in Tampa/ St. Pete this November for the Blue Ocean Film Festival! That would be a super time to connect in person with the Camp and your mentors! Thanks for reaching out!! Beth

  2. This project is over-the-top amazing and I am thrilled and proud to know that Danni Washington is a vital part of the team. Keep pushing and soaring!!! Young women/girls need this exact outlet for learning, leadership & excellence to elevate them to great places just like the male counterparts have in abundance! Congratulations and we have our eye on you! You have our attention!!!!!! <3

  3. Is there a chapter here in Florida? My 14 year old daughter is a jr rescue diver and a member of FIRST robotics. I’d like to find a way to connect her with someone who works in the ocean robotics field to meet.

    Thank You.

    1. Thanks for your interest Samantha. We’d recommend reaching out to Ocean Gems directly to see about a Florida chapter. You can send them a note at here or call them at 805.965.4951. Give your daughter a high five from us!

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