June 18, 2014

“Increasingly, the ocean is threatened. The world’s oceans, as vast as they are, as much as they elicit a sense of awe for size and power, are under siege.”

This week’s State Department ‘Our Ocean’ conference hosts leaders of governments, businesses and NGOs from across the globe and aims to deliver hard-hitting messages about the need for closer co-operation to overcome the challenges facing our ocean – and ourselves.

The summit is built on three pillars: sustainable fisheries, marine pollution and ocean acidification. Speakers include Dr. Margaret Leinen from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, President Anote Tong of Kiribati and actor and philanthropist Leonardo DiCaprio.

On June 17, National Geographic will host a screening of the Mission Blue film for the ‘Our Ocean’ delegates and invited guests. Dr. Sylvia Earle’s life work in the ocean is the focus of Fisher Stevens and Robert Nixon’s inspiring documentary, which will be available through Netflix on August 15th.

State Department officials said the conference is an important start to a much broader effort to mobilize the international community around ocean protection.

The State Department is going a long way towards making the conference open and participatory – with a terrific interactive website and active social media channels at Facebook and twitter.  You’ll be able to watch LIVE at http://ourocean.info/ and you’ll even find a detailed agenda listing times when you can tweet your questions to #OurOcean2014.


Mission Blue, Google, and National Geographic will also host a Google Hangout On Air from Washington on Tuesday, June 17, with founder Sylvia Earle, Jenifer Austin of the Google Ocean Program Manager, and Fabien Cousteau and Kip Evans from Aquarius Reef Base in Florida! Tune in here: http://ow.ly/y2EIC

Stay tuned this week to Mission Blue’s social media channels for breaking conference news. 

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Feature Photo: Megan Cook

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