August 14, 2014

From our friends at the Ocean Geographic Society:

Join an elite team of explorers comprised of Dr. Sylvia Earle, David Doubilet, Jennifer Hayes, Ernie Brooks, Wyland, Michael AW, Göran Ehlmé, Amos Nachoum, Johan Ernst Nilson, Emory Kristof, Stuart Ireland and Leandro Blanco in an expedition to the High Arctic to produce a book, exhibition and a video documentary.  

The mission of Elysium – Artists for the Arctic is to capture the panorama, flora and fauna of the northern polar region in a perspective no one has seen before.  The Arctic region is regarded as one of the most enchanting wilderness regions of our planet, yet volatile and under severe threat from the warming of the world’s climate. This expedition promises the most awe-inspiring and stunning visual interpretation ever seen of the Arctic. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the images of the Elysium Artists team shall inspire appreciation and love for the Arctic and a greater awareness of the impacts of climate change.

The Vision of Elysium – We believe we can save the Arctic. We are at a pivotal moment, and we might still have time to avoid a global catastrophe and avert a collision course. We believe a small group of people can change the world. We’re calling upon a special team to produce a momentous documentation of the Arctic. This imaging epic must inspire, invigorate, and serve as a call for action to ensure the survival of Artic keystone species and ultimately our very own future on planet Earth.

60 expedition members will be selected for this unique 19 days/ 18 nights benchmark expedition starting from Longyearbyen to North Spitsbergen, North and East Greenland and finishing at Keflavik, Iceland. Besides panoramas of glaciers, icebergs and snowy mountains, imagery will focus on polar bears, walruses, belugas, narwals, arctic foxes, auks, snowy owls, muskoxens, arctic hares, and fin and blue whales.     

If you are a naturalist, scientist, photographer, artist, musician or simply wish to be part of the expedition of the century, consider securing YOUR LEGACY in the Elysium Artists for the Arctic project by using your talent towards INSPIRING APPRECIATION AND LOVE FOR THE ARCTIC AND A GREATER AWARENESS OF THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE.

For the application form and more information: :


  • Daniel García Carranza says:

    I´m not a scientist, not scuba diver, even not a photographer. But I am a world citizen, I think this one of the most important projects of our time. When many companies are starting the race for resources in the artic zone. I am a business man, I know what bad business practices have done around the world, in our seas. I simply want to be part of the expedition of the century, Because a life without contribution is meaningless.
    What will my contribution be? How will history remember our opportunity to save seas?.

    Thank you.

  • Amanda Sue Myers says:

    wow…what can i say? this would be the adventure of a lifetime! Dr. Earl has been one of my heroes for years. I am a scuba diver, defender of nature , beekeeper, traveler and wife and mother. I am also a working artist since birth, creating paintings and art dolls inspired by all realms of nature, the sea always being the main focus. Please consider me for this amazing expedition.

  • Susan McManus says:

    All through my life I have been drawn to the Arctic and the amazing wonder it instills in me. I’ve always searched for any information or documentaries about the Arctic and it’s inhabitants. I have no talents to offer only my heartfelt commitment to the preservation of our planet and that which connects us all. Mission Blue has inspired me to be a part of this amazing adventure.

  • Carlos ramirez says:

    Soy un joven entusiasta que desde que vi su documental he tenido una visión sobre los océanos y la verdad me inspirado mucho es hacer un cambio y transmitirlo hacia la gente de como ver nuestro océano

  • Lisa Keld says:

    Definitely interested, please send me the details. I’m a Diver and do photography.

    This would be I my dream and perhaps the start of an entirely new chapter

    Thank you

  • Suzanne and Robert Martin says:

    I, Suzanne, am an educator and botanist (retired professor at Moberly Area Community College) with continuing commitments to engaging beginning students in hands-on learning and to building community involvement in music and theater.

    I, Robert, am a composer and educator (professor emeritus at Truman State University. I recently completed a seventy-five minute work for string quartet entitled EMBRACE THE WIND that celebrates the importance of wind and wind energy in our past, present, and our future. I would very much like to learn and to use my experiences to create music, possibly both choral and instrumental, that invites listeners to connect to ocean and our planet–and to our responsibility to take of them.

  • Robin Scanlon says:

    It would be an honor and privelege to photographs the creatures o teh Arctic. My husband and I are photographers from Hawaii with a passion for the ocean. Please include us!

  • Susan Hoenig says:

    I am an artist working with wildlife and habitat. I am interest in the Arctic expedition to focus more on the Arctic.I have done paintings depicting life in the northern and southern poles.

  • Judith Acres says:

    Sounds intriguing. I am leaving for Greenland next week to do short film documentary. Have travelled extensively and the Antarctic and Arctic regions remain among my favourite. I am also an artist (painter), love adventure, and am passionate about saving this planet. Will look into this further 🙂

  • Marissa miller says:

    Hello all, I am currently ending my contract in the
    United States Marine Corps. My heart has been led
    To become a different type of Marine at this point of my journey. I have done two Afghanistan deployments
    Since 2009 when I joined and have seen parts of the world I never want to go back to. However I did leave a change in those parts, my heart is now convicted to change Earth in a new light. This would be my first step into that world and dream of mine.

  • Antoine Gregoire says:

    I’ve been diving in Newfoundland Canada for a few years now and Divemaster with Ocean Quest, diving with Icebergs this year has been my most exciting experience and I would live to be part of such an expedition!!!

  • JR Ryan says:

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity. My partner, Sharon Andrew ( and I would be very interested. What are the costs and requirements of participation?

  • DON SENECAL says:

    Very interested. This sounds like a fantastic project!

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