October 7, 2014

Thanks for visiting! The live stream of Sustainable Seas: The Vision and the Reality (a Keynote Presentation by Dr. Sylvia Earle, Founder of Mission Blue, at SXSWEco) is finished, but here are 5 WAYS YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE RIGHT NOW!


LEARN the issues and how you can help! Watch the Mission Blue film with your friends to understand how to eliminate or reduce seafood consumption, decrease your carbon footprint and stop plastic pollution (remember the 3 R’s: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE). You can be part of the solution. Go for it!



SUPPORT Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue! Your tax-deductible donations support public outreach, expeditions and direct appeals to policy makers to build a global network of Hope Spots to restore the ocean. The Mission Blue Store offers beautiful and intriguing gifts in exchange for contributions that benefit the ocean too. Your help is what keeps us afloat!



NOMINATE your own Hope Spot! Mission Blue currently has identified 50 Hope Spots, areas of critical importance to immediately focus our conservation efforts. The ocean, however, is vast and many more habitats need better protection. Join the call for conservation today!



MEET our partners! Mission Blue is partnered with nearly 100 organizations that do incredible work for the ocean. Take a moment and get to know them. Engage them on social media. Ask ways you can help them out.




JOIN Mission Blue Online! Sign up for our NEWSLETTER and take part in our FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE+ and PINTEREST communities to stay connected to ocean issues and support our community’s progress in raising awareness and protection for Hope Spots. Fun stuff!

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