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Mission Blue Salutes an Ocean Hero

Before Leonardo DiCaprio became an actor, he dreamt as a child of becoming a marine biologist. An avid SCUBA diver, DiCaprio’s passion for the ocean and the life in it has stayed strong during his spectacular rise to cinema glory. (One of his favorite dives was to the shark sanctuary in Cocos Island in the Eastern Pacific Seascape Hope Spot.) These days, DiCaprio is using his celebrity power and personal resources to not only raise awareness about ocean issues, but also to underwrite major marine conservation initiatives. In June 2014 at the US State Department’s Our Oceans conference, DiCaprio spoke genuinely about the need for intelligent and collaborative action to reverse ocean decline. Recognizing that talking alone isn’t enough, he pledged to donate $7,000,000 over 2 years to bolster action to save our seas.…
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Exploring the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

By Dr. Richard Pyle September 27, 2014: Back to French Frigate Shoals After leaving Pearl and Hermes, we had scheduled two and a half transit days to get back to French Frigate Shoals, which would have allowed us one and a half days of diving. However, the crew of the Hi’ialakai made better-than-expected headway in transit, arriving early enough at French Frigate Shoals that we were able to get in two full days of diving. Even before the bubbles cleared after plunging into the clear blue water for my first deep dive yesterday, I was startled when I turned around and saw a Galapagos Shark bearing down on me. I managed to turn my video camera on just in time to capture its closest pass, and from that point onward, we were obviously the subject of much interest among about seven or eight larger-than-usual Galapagos Sharks.…
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