December 15, 2014

Did you know NASA has developed breathtaking technology that allows us to literally look through waves? Far from being distorted by the waves, the resulting image is actually more defined and 3D. To get the full scoop, Dr. Sylvia Earle led a Mission Blue envoy to NASA Ames Research Center this past summer. What we learned was nothing short of remarkable: NASA is poised to use this technology to map the shallow reefs of the world in unprecedented detail and give scientists the clearest picture yet of what we are losing where. With this information, we hope that an even stronger case can be made for conservation.

As part of our trip to NASA, Mission Blue’s Brett Garling produced the following video in which you’ll learn all about this amazing new technology — called fluid lensing — and what hope it holds for the world’s oceans. You’ll see amazing 3D images of reefs unlike ever before. And you’ll get a peek into NASA’s remarkable technology that, we often forget, isn’t only turned towards the stars, but also dives underneath the waves of our ocean.

Many thanks to NASA researcher Ved Chirayath for your pioneering work for the ocean. The technology you’ve developed is nothing short of amazing.



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