April 8, 2015

Mission Blue commends the tremendous efforts of the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, which recently announced greatly expanded reach for ocean conservation in the coastal waters surrounding San Francisco, the home of Mission Blue headquarters. This near doubling in geographic protection comes at a time when the Obama administrator is pursuing a more aggressive ocean conservation agenda, most notably with massive tracts ocean set aside in the US Pacific to be off-limits to fishing, energy extraction and other activities.

Mission Blue and Dr. Sylvia Earle look forward to working with the National Marine Sanctuaries and NOAA in calling public attention to the positive impact the federal government is making on increasing the geographic area of Marine Protected Areas within US jurisdiction. This region is one of the most productive upwelling zones in North America, with nutrient rich waters that support an incredible abundance and diversity of marine life. In addition to the numerous species of fish, endangered whales, seabirds, and extensive living reefs of corals and sponges are all located in the sanctuaries.

Check out the video below to dive deep into these pristine waters.

To get a sense of how much area has been added to the sanctuaries, see the current map below and note the swath stretching from Point Arena in Mendocino County all the way, unbroken, to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.54.34 PM

The political will to increase ocean protection is a welcomed development in current American politics. According to Whitehouse.gov, “The President will … keep working to address the threats to our ocean, like carbon pollution and illegal fishing, head on – because a healthy ocean matters for every American.” For more information on the California National Marine Sanctuary expansion and the critters living and thriving in these waters, click here.

Keep an eye out in the coming months for announcements and community celebrations surrounding the expansion of these marine sanctuaries. We will be sure to keep you in the loop!

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