December 5, 2015


The COP21 climate negotiations in Paris are rallying people around the globe to help solve global warming and adapt to its impacts. Among the world leaders gathering in Paris, however, there is a notable absence: former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed is behind bars, being held as a political prisoner by his own country. World-famous as the Island President, Nasheed had a profound impact on the COP15 conference in Copenhagen six years ago, during which he represented island nations threatened by sea level rise as an ambassador for the Climate Vulnerable Forum. On November 30th author, climate activist and founder Bill McKibben called Nasheed a true climate leader in the Guardian:

Six years ago today [Nasheed] was the first head of state to arrive, and he went straight from the airport to a packed meeting hall where he led a giant crowd in chant after chant. “My message to you is to continue the protests. Continue after Copenhagen. Continue despite the odds. And eventually, together, we will reach that crucial number: Three – five – oh.” He was electric.

Nasheed is the subject of an acclaimed 2011 documentary called the Island President that tells the story of his fight to save his people from sea level rise. Find out more in the trailer below and pick from our entire selection of climate change movies to watch this weekend. Learn the facts and how you can help!

The Island President


Racing Extinction


An Inconvenient Truth


The Age of Stupid


Chasing Ice


The 11th Hour


Years of Living Dangerously




Mission Blue (of course!)


One thought on “Climate Change Movies to Watch

  1. Thank you for the magnificent movie, Mission Blue, and your relentless efforts to inform and engage everyone in saving our planet. Would it be possible for you to include, in this website, specific steps people can take in their daily lives to live responsibly and compassionately? I am aware that Sylvia Earle and James Cameron follow a plant-based diet (a.k.a. vegan diet) as they are aware of the devastating impact that animal ag and fishing have on the environment. I am also aware that we all need to change the way we live; reduce, reuses, recycle. I think that having a section of the website that outlines changes we need to make with links to resources would be extremely helpful. FYI- In an effort to help others, I’ve created a website:

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