August 30, 2016


On August 30th, we celebrate Her Deepness Dr. Sylvia Earle’s birthday, and we’re excited to invite you to contribute to her gift! In honor of Dr. Earle, a Mission Blue board director has generously offered to help raise $100,000 for Mission Blue by matching your contributions dollar for dollar! 

Dr. Earle inspires us all with her youthful curiosity and enduring passion for the “blue heart of the planet.” She has truly dedicated her life to exploring and protecting the ocean and the miraculous creatures it sustains. What better gift could we give her than supporting her wish to explore and protect Hope Spots around the globe?

Please open your big blue heart and join us in wishing Sylvia Earle the happiest birthday ever!

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by Jim Toomey

by Jim Toomey


  • Candace Hogan says:

    Happy Birthday, Sylvia Earle. You are my hero and teacher and you make waking up to reality a wild and hopeful adventure. Knowing of you and from you has changed my eating habits, for one thing: now I only eat cake…
    Many happy returns! from Candace in California

  • “blue heart of the planet.” – sounds great.

  • Roy says:

    Very impressive lady. Live long healthy life.

  • Christopher Rodrigues says:

    A long time ago, whilst the blue planet twirled
    Came along a baby girl called Sylvia Earle
    Her mission to protect the world’s oceans
    She has carried out with the greatest devotion
    She is the ocean’s most treasured pearl
    We’re so fortunate to have you, Sylvia Earle.

    Happy birthday from Singapore!

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