November 23, 2016

Mission Blue is proud to partner with Ocean Allison!

By: Allison Randolph

There are currently more than seven billion individuals on this planet – this blue planet that we all call home. Inextricably connected to planet health is ocean health, and while human beings are at the root of most pressures facing our watery planet, they are also at the root of the solutions.

As a child growing up in South Florida, it seemed as though I spent more time below the water’s surface than above, cultivating a profound connection with the underwater world. Combining that ocean connection with a formal education in marine science and an informal education in digital communications, I found myself in a position to be a voice for the ocean. Literally and figuratively.

As the host and creator of Ocean Allison Podcast, I use my voice to speak out for the ocean while also providing a platform for other ocean advocates to have their voice heard as well. Weekly episodes inspire ocean optimism through conversations that highlight people creating positive change for the ocean.

@ Ocean Allison

@ Ocean Allison

Like you might expect, these ocean changemakers come in all varieties. Episodes feature dynamic conversations with pro surfers like Rob Machado, artists like Pam Longobardi, conservationists like Wallace J Nichols, teachers like Janis Jones, filmmakers like Tom Fitz, scientists like Dr. Greg Rouse, business owners like Autumn Blum, and so many more. If you enjoy learning about individuals from across the globe, that are truly at the root of ocean solutions, then tune in every Tuesday for your dose of ocean education, inspiration, and motivation. On average, episodes are thirty minutes in length, perfect for listening to while doing everyday activities like driving, exercising, and cooking. 

With the incredible amount of positive change the Mission Blue team strives to create every day for our blue planet, it’s only natural that this week’s podcast episode features an ocean changemaker that’s one of Mission Blue’s own: Charlotte Vick. Charlotte is the Director of Engagement at Mission Blue, working with partners worldwide to facilitate, support, and fund ocean education, science, and policy efforts. In other words, anything and everything “to protect and restore the BLUE”, as she puts it. Dive into the world of top notch ocean advocacy as Charlotte and I discuss topics ranging from Hope Spots to Google Earth Ocean to Conservation Marketing to the outcome of the recent U.S. presidential election.

As with all my podcast episodes, including Charlotte’s, my hope is that listeners will first and foremost enjoy listening to and learning from the dialogue between my guests and I. From there, my goal is for listeners to feel so inspired that they are actually motivated to create positive change for the ocean in their own way.

Every single action we take impacts this planet we call home. It’s up to all of us to decide whether our decisions positively or negatively impact the health of the ocean and the health of the planet. Every positive action matters, big or small.

Watch the video below to learn more and see some podcast highlights!

Listeners can also contribute to my subscription based funding platform. The ocean and I greatly appreciate your support!


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