December 6, 2016






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Under the leadership of Dr. Sylvia Earle, 2016 has been a banner year for ocean conservation and Hope Spots. Mission Blue inspired half a billion people this year to better understand and care about the big blue. We completed expeditions to Hope Spots around the planet and collaborated with policy makers, scientists and youth at events across the globe such as the IUCN World Conservation Congress, COP22, the International Coral Reef Symposium, the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and EarthDayTX as well as many others. Dr. Earle personally visited dozens of countries to spread a message of hope. Thanks to these efforts and those of so many other passionate individuals, the world is changing. Here are some highlights from 2016.

Mission Blue received 400+ Hope Spot nominations from 75 countries

Ross Sea Hope Spot became Largest Marine Protected Area on Earth

Ascension Island Hope Spot was protected by the United Kingdom

President of Colombia committed to expanding Malpelo Hope Spot

President Obama protected 582,578 square miles near Hawaii

Dr. Sylvia Earle has grand plans for Mission Blue in 2017. We’re is expanding Hope Spot Expeditions to reach even more communities across the world, to empower and inspire more ocean protection. We are increasing support of existing Hope Spots through robust communication across digital channels that reach millions of people daily.  We are expanding the Hope Spot nomination process and investing in better mapping technology to unite communities, scientists and ocean lovers across the planet. Here are a few highlights.

We will create more Hope Spots around the globe

We’re going to Costa Rica to advocate for High Seas governance

We’re doubling down on documenting Shark Finning in Mexico

Dr. Earle will advocate for the ocean at the UN on World Oceans Day

We’ll produce stunning photos, videos & stories to support Hope Spots

We have 180+ partners and will continue to expand the network


We rely 100% on donations from the generosity of people like you.


You can directly fund a mission to explore and inspire!


Buy cool stuff while supporting ocean conservation.











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