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Ancestors of Whale Sharks in Panama May Come from Distant Waters

Genetic population connectivity study of the endangered whale shark in Pacific Panama provides important data for conservation efforts.
By Leila Nilipour, photos by Candy K. Real
Spanish translation below.

The world’s largest fish, the whale shark (Rhincodon typus), is a plankton-loving giant that can be found alone or in groups in all tropical oceans. However, despite being a highly migratory species, little is known about how the different populations worldwide interact with each other. This lack of knowledge hinders conservation efforts aimed at protecting this endangered animal. Héctor Guzmán, a marine biologist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, alongside Caitlin Beaver of the US Geological Survey and Edgardo Díaz-Ferguson of Coiba Scientific Station, set out to start bridging this knowledge gap.…

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Announcing the 2022 Ocean Lovers Festival at the Sydney Coast Hope Spot

By Noah Ritchie
2019 marked the congruent launch of the Sydney Coast Hope Spot and Ocean Lovers Festival in New South Wales, Australia. The festival is a 4-day event that includes live entertainment, art, technology, science, and other avenues to show the myriad ways ocean lovers can make a difference. Although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restricted the festival in 2020 and postponed their expected return this fall, the festival is looking to make an exuberant comeback this coming March of 2022!
What is Ocean Lovers Festival and how did it start?
Festival founder Anita Kolni says this idea started with her considering “how to come up with a way to share hope and solutions for the ocean in a time where people feel a lot of despair.”…

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Whale Week, Building a Corridor of Consciousness for Critically Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales in Savannah, GA

By: CJ O’Brien, Whale Week Program Manager, 317-220-9302,

The coastal town of Savannah, Georgia is preparing for the most wonderful time of the year and that’s North Atlantic right whale calving season! Every late November through April, North Atlantic right whales travel nearly 1,000 miles to warmer waters where they give birth just fifteen miles off the Georgia coast. 
This Georgia coast, including the Georgia Continental Shelf and Blake Plateau was named a Mission Blue Hope Spot in 2019, advocating for increased protections of these whales who have been heavily hunted for more than 900 years and have yet to recover from the pressures of historic whaling. There are now only about 340 right whales in the current population, with as few as 100 reproductive females.…

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