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60 Ocean Leaders send message to the candidates

The Blue Frontier Campaign has sent the letter below to both presidential candidates, Mitt Romney & Barack Obama – on behalf of the ocean. Signed by 60 prominent ocean leaders, David Helvarg’s letter is eloquent, important, and definitely worth the read. Call to President Barack Obama & Governor Mitt Romney to Protect the Ocean! (c) Kip Evans Photography As citizens involved with our seas we call on and expect the next President of the United States to support our nation’s ocean based economy and assure the sound stewardship of our coasts and ocean.  Our nation’s Exclusive Economic Zone, stretching 200 miles out from our shores, is the largest in the world, a blue frontier more extensive than our continental landmass.  With increased scientific knowledge and understanding of this, our nation’s second great frontier, comes both an opportunity and a responsibility to restore the blue in our red, white and blue.…
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