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Cuba: Gran Parque Natural Peninsula de Zapata

The Peninsula de Zapata is a remote, sparsely populated area of Cuba with a varied landscape. This image is of the road leading into the reserve. Much of the region is a large low lying swampy area not suitable for human habitation called the Cienaga de Zapata; but, it is a great habitat for wildlife. It’s one of the largest reserves in Cuba and an important area for migrating birds. We saw egrets, flamingos, herons, spoonbills and dozens of smaller bird species.This image is of one of the many smaller bird species at the reserve. The Cienega de Zapata, or the Zapata Swamp as it is affectionately known, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, home to approximately 150 different species of birds, including rare baldicoots, waterhens, parrots, and heron.…
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