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Ocean Dialogues – Taking a Moment for the Fish

Dr. Earle shared with us a moment from the Ocean Dialogues of June 19th in Rio.
“One panelist, concerned that fishing interests were under-represented, asked that anyone in the audience who made their living as a fisherman to stand up. No one did, and he made his point.  So I asked if all of the fish in the audience would please stand up.  We were determining their fate, after all, but I didn’t see them at the table. Only on the table. Later, the fish-man and I shook hands and agreed that we need to listen to both the fishermen and the fish.”


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Oceans Inc. on Alternative Summit at Rio Plus 20

Ocean campaigners have been disappointed by the lack of progress for the High Seas at Rio Plus 20. But although it is difficult to make changes made at the higher political level, there is hope found in grassroots levels upwards to policy makers. Says Charlotte Smith of Oceans Inc., “One of the biggest messages to come out of the summit is that public education and awareness is crucial to forcing policymakers to up their game in the future.”…

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Rio Plus 20 ~ Weekend Wrap-Up & What comes Next

Photo: Asha De Vos

This weekend at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, valuable dialogues and in-depth negotiations continued in the lead up to the arrival of heads of state and other government leaders later this week. Attendees gathered to talk about the future of our oceans, coasts and Island States. A full schedule of the day’s events, is at this link.
The main outcome of Oceans Day at Rio+20 was the Rio Ocean Declaration, which attempted to address priority action items for oceans and coasts, both at the Rio+20 Conference and into the future. The Declaration will be submitted to approximately 130 world leaders attending the summit from Wednesday to Friday. 
The day culminated in the first e-Awards to acknowledge those that have most affected social change and sustainable development in the 20 years since the first Earth Summit at Rio in 1992.…

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