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Tropical Storm Beryl Hampers Expedition

Tenders in the Storm (c) Kip F. Evans/Mission Blue

By Mavis McRae and Kip Evans
After being out of the water yesterday, we were anxious to dip our flippers back into the beautiful blue water, but the weather had other plans for us.  As we examined the ships radar and local weather reports, all we could see for miles were bands of thunderstorms – bright red blotches moving ominously towards our position. Tropical Storm Beryl, which made landfall in Northern Florida and is now moving up the East Coast was forming up over us.
By mid-morning, lightning lit up the dark cloudy sky above us, as claps of thunder shook the boat.  It wasn’t long before someone called out that a waterspout was forming and the team did what came naturally – grabbed our cameras and prepared to get wet. …

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