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Oceans Panel with Dr. Earle LIVE Tuesday A.M.

Be sure not to miss the Oceans Panel, broadcast live from Rio Tuesday morning on the UN Live Webcast channel. The Oceans Panel will be moderated by Philippe Cousteau of CNN with Sylvia Earle, Jean Michel Cousteau, Asha De Vos and other ocean luminaries.  Live broadcast from 10AM-12:30PM EST, 7AM-9:30AM PST. The program will be also recorded for later viewing.  We send our thanks to all of our friends who are working hard in Rio to move towards a positive result for the blue heart of our planet. Click below for a direct link.UN Live Streaming Webcast plus recorded sessions…

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Rio Plus 20 ~ Weekend Wrap-Up & What comes Next

Photo: Asha De Vos

This weekend at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, valuable dialogues and in-depth negotiations continued in the lead up to the arrival of heads of state and other government leaders later this week. Attendees gathered to talk about the future of our oceans, coasts and Island States. A full schedule of the day’s events, is at this link.
The main outcome of Oceans Day at Rio+20 was the Rio Ocean Declaration, which attempted to address priority action items for oceans and coasts, both at the Rio+20 Conference and into the future. The Declaration will be submitted to approximately 130 world leaders attending the summit from Wednesday to Friday. 
The day culminated in the first e-Awards to acknowledge those that have most affected social change and sustainable development in the 20 years since the first Earth Summit at Rio in 1992.…

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Google Earth Surround Liquid Galaxy & Catlin Seaview Survey

World Oceans SummitSingapore
Take a magic carpet ride through the ocean to Dr. Earle’s Hope Spots via the new Google Earth Surround Liquid Galaxy display. Then check out the new Great Barrier Reef 360s from the Catlin Seaview Survey by Underwater Earth at the Economist World Oceans Summit in Singapore.

Video Courtesy of Jenifer Austin Foulkes…

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California’s Sea Change: A Network of Hope Spots

California, USA

Photo: Gilliane Shayman

“California has taken the lead in understanding that the ocean really matters,” says Dr. Earle. “We know how to take from the ocean. California is giving back by establishing a network of protected areas.”
California’s four National Marine Sanctuaries (Channel Islands, Cordell Bank, Gulf of the Farallones, and Monterey Bay) cover almost 9,500 square miles of Pacific Ocean. In addition to these, more State Marine Protected Areas are added under the regulation of the California Department of Fish and Game. The Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) of 1999 directed the state to redesign it’s system of marine protected areas to function as a network in order to increase effectiveness in protecting coastal marine life, habitats and marine ecosystems.…

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Have Fun Exploring Biodiversity on Google Earth!

What reef animal comes in a rainbow of crazy colors, can throw out its stomach to immobilize predators, then creep away and regrow a brand-new stomach? Its the sea cucumber, prized as a gastronomic delight by some cultures and beginning to yield some of its secrets to scientists.
Google Earth Tour videos offer us the opportunity to explore our ocean planet’s biodiversity – featuring Sea Grapes, Arctic Tern, Sea Cucumber and the magnificent Bluefin Tuna in the video below.
To learn more about the project and see all the tours, click here! Google Earth – Encyclopedia of Life…

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Whale Marine Protected Areas Google Earth Tour Goes Live

For the first time, you can meet sperm whales, humpback whales and blue whales in the special places where they live. This Google Earth Tour is narrated by Dan Laffoley, Marine Vice Chair of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s World Commission on Protected Areas, and follows the migrations of whales above and below the surface, visiting some of the key marine protected areas and sanctuaries for whales around the world.
This animated Google Earth Tour was first presented as part of a keynote lecture by Dan Laffoley at the opening of the 2nd International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas (ICMMPA) on 7 November 2011 in Fort-de-France, Martinique. It was prepared with the help of Jenifer Austin Foulkes (Google), Charlotte Vick (Sylvia Earle Alliance/Mission Blue) and Erich Hoyt (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society/IUCN) and features a segment on the Arctic Ocean with Dr.…

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‘Making WAVES in Colorado’ brings Ocean Awareness to the Rockies

November 13, 2011

On Sunday, The Colorado Ocean Coalition celebrated their first anniversary with an impressive lineup of ocean luminaries in a groundbreaking day-long ocean symposium.  ‘Making Waves in Colorado’ focused on how the Rocky Mountains, the ocean and all of us are inseparably linked.  Dr. Earle made it clear, “Even if you never touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take.”

Until now, there has never been a unified voice for ocean protection in the Mountain States. The mission of the Colorado Ocean Coalition is to create a strong network made up of ocean enthusiasts. They are engaging scientists, activists, businesses and ocean supporters to address current threats to the ocean, which include overfishing, plastics pollution, ocean acidification, and a lack of marine protected areas. …

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Google Earth Eclipses One Billion Downloads

Google Earth software has been downloaded more than one billion times, and that stellar achievement was marked Wednesday with a website showcasing ways the interactive replica of the planet is used. features 40 real-world tales of how people around the globe have used Google Earth to follow dreams, defend nature, explore distant places, or learn about the planet.
Of course, Google Earth maps let people travel virtually to locales where such stories play out. “Google Earth is probably one of the most downloaded applications of all time in terms of raw numbers,” product manager Peter Birch told AFP.
To provide context, Google Earth and Maps vice president of engineering Brian McClendon pointed out that a billion hours ago humans were living in the Stone Age and that a billion minutes ago the Roman Empire was flourishing.…

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Mapping the World’s Sea Turtles

Thanks to the hard work of over 550 dedicated people around the world, the SWOT (State of the World’s Sea Turtles) database is now one of the most comprehensive global databases of sea turtle nesting sites available; and it’s just gone live on Google Earth.  Now you are able to view this extensive database on a Google Map, or you can download a KML file to see all of the data inside of the Google Earth platform.

The interactive map is highly detailed and customizable, allowing you to filter by location, species, colony size and more.  The depth of data on the map is impressive, containing data from over 120 countries around the world. There’s even a place on the SWOT Website where you can participate by uploading information about your own turtle sightings.  …

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