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Sylvia Earle’s clear message: Act now to save our oceans

Courtesy of Oceans Inc. June 21, 2012 Speaking at a roundtable with world governments in the Rio+20 process, world renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle urged world leaders to act now to save our oceans. “I was here 20 years ago, we all hope to be here in 20 years. This is an historical occasion. Will we look back and lament on what we didn’t do?” “For the first time we are empowered with knowledge we didn’t have 20,50 or 1000 years ago. This could be a true turning point, whether we act on that knowledge or neglect to take action. Technology and science make it clear our planet is not too big to fail. There are limits to our life support system.…
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Ocean Dialogues – Taking a Moment for the Fish

Dr. Earle shared with us a moment from the Ocean Dialogues of June 19th in Rio. “One panelist, concerned that fishing interests were under-represented, asked that anyone in the audience who made their living as a fisherman to stand up. No one did, and he made his point.  So I asked if all of the fish in the audience would please stand up.  We were determining their fate, after all, but I didn’t see them at the table. Only on the table. Later, the fish-man and I shook hands and agreed that we need to listen to both the fishermen and the fish.”  …
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Expert Panel Reveals Declining State of the Ocean

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Delegates to a special United Nations panel convened to discuss progress as well as gaps in marine scientific research, emerging challenges and links between science and policy making in light of the very serious threats facing the ocean. Also included were presentations on deep-sea research and international ocean governance; assessment of progress in marine pollution control and challenges; and future management of the oceans and seas, including coral reefs. That evening, The High Seas Alliance hosted a reception for the dedicated ocean policy makers. Later in week-long conference, IPSO (International Programme on the State of the Ocean) scientists released their long awaited report in which they revealed that the world ocean is in a shocking state of decline, and that the world’s ocean is in a much worse state than previously suspected.…
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