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Traditions of Pacific NW Coastal Native Marine Management and Concerns for the Future

Nancy Turner and Kyle Clifton The closing plenary talk at the International Marine Conservation Congress was devoted to Pacific Northwest Coastal Native traditions of marine management and concerns about preserving the marine environment. The talk “Traditional Ecological Knowledge Systems of Coastal First Peoples” was co-presented by Nancy Turner, of the University of Victoria School of Environmental Studies, and Kyle Clifton, the Marine Use Planning Coordinator for the Gitaga’at First Nation, whose lands are on the Canadian mainland due east of the Gwaii Haanas Reserve on Haida Gwaii Island north of Vancouver Island. Nancy Turner cited a definition of traditional knowledge as “A cumulative body of knowledge, practices and beliefs, evolving by adaptive process and handed down through generations by cultural transmission” (Berkes, 2008).…
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An interview with Sarah Frias-Torres at IMCC2

Dr. Sarah Frias-Torres sat down with Dr. Phil McGilliavry and Brendan Tougher to discuss her current research and passion for marine conservation, which focuses on marine megafauna and the need for collaborative research initiatives. She has a Schmidt Post Doctoral Fellowship with ORCA (Ocean Research and Conservation Association), in Fort Pierce, Florida and is a marine biologist, oceanographer and behavioral ecologist. Dr. Frias-Torres discussed the need for increased protection of the marine environment during her presentation at the IMCC2. To emphasize the fact that only 1.4% of the ocean is protected, she displayed a compelling image of the earth comparing the size of MPAs to the total size of the ocean (shown on the left). The tiny speck of yellow represents MPAs and the red circle represents the target of having at least 10% of the world’s ocean in protected areas by the year 2020 as agreed by the members of the Convention on Biological Diversity.…
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Large MPAs for the Arctic? Challenges & Opportunities: A discussion with Dr. Dan Laffoley

Dr. Dan Loffoley Dr. Dan Laffoley is the Marine Vice Chair for the World Commission on Protected Areas of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN, The focus of this Commission is a global partnership between park agencies and experts working together to protect the ocean. He is also the Senior Advisor for the Marine Science and Conservation Global Marine and Polar Programme at IUCN. Through his work, Dr. Laffoley has provided knowledge, innovation and leadership for new ways of conveying the importance of marine conservation to people throughout the world. To accomplish this mission, Dr. Laffoley advocates bringing science and policy initiatives together in order to communicate the threats of climate change to a broader audience. Dr.…
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A discussion about Multiple Use analysis and Marine Protected Areas with Jeff Ardron

Jeff Ardron (left) with Dr. Phil McGillivary (right) Jeff Ardron is the Director of High Seas Program (Washington DC) for the Marine Conservation Institute an NGO that advocates for marine conservation ( He is co-principal investigator on the Surveillance and Enforcement of Remote Maritime Areas report (SERMA). At day two of the IMCC2 conference he talks about the relationships between fisheries and marine protected areas (MPAs) with Dr. Phil McGillivary. Dr. McGillivary: Where do you think issues between stakeholders and multi-use MPAs are going in the future? Jeff Ardron: Fisheries and conservationists are coming together. Conservation advocates are starting to realize that we need some of the flexible tools that fisheries are using, such as time-space closures to address issues of ecosystem variability.…
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Commentary from the International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC) in Victoria, British Columbia

The Sylvia Earle Alliance has helped send Dr. Phil McGillivary of the US Coast Guard Pacific Area and Brendan Tougher, an Environmental Management graduate student at the University of San Francisco, to participate in and comment on the 2nd International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC2) in Victoria, British Columbia. The two ocean advocates will be immersed in meetings with managers, scientists, graduate students and native peoples who are passionate about the protection of the marine ecosystem. Over the course of the conference they will be sharing their experience with the SEAlliance community by interviewing ocean champions who are committed to improving the state of the marine ecosystem. Making Science Matter for Conservation: Day 1 at the IMCC2 Empress Hotel, BC Across the Juan de Fuca Strait northwest of the city of Seattle, Washington, lies Vancouver Island, and on its southern tip the city of Victoria, British Columbia.…
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