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Deb Castellana: Reports on her experience along the Gulf

In light of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Deb Castellana, is on her way to the Gulf of Mexico and will be reporting first hand about her experience along the gulf. From visiting the reefs off Palm Beach, to Sanibel Island, and up the coast all the way to Venice, Louisiana and Plaquemines Parish, you can follow Deb on our Mission Blue blog.  Deb Castellana grew up in Cold Spring Harbor, a small village on Long Island Sound in New York.  One of her earliest memories was exploring how different plants grew where the fresh spring water joined the salty marsh at the head of the harbor.                                                                                                                             Cold Spring Harbor, NY                           Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sound, and the freshwater creeks of the North Shore, Deb was under the ocean’s spell from an early age.…
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Mission Blue Voyage A Success!

Orca by TED/James Duncan Davidson After an amazing four days of dreaming, learning, envisioning and committing to a better future for the ocean, the Mission Blue Voyagers are home–and a sea change is already underway. Eight definitive initiatives were launched, and $15+ million was pledged by many of the individuals on board the National Geographic Endeavor. Here’s a summary: $1 million to help improve the protection of the waters around the Galapagos Islands $500,000 to establish a network of marine protected areas in the Arctic, including a high seas science reserve  $3.25 million to initiate a public affairs campaign to end fishing subsidies  $350,000 to create educational programs to teach students about the ocean issues  $1.1 million to launch a plan to support efforts underway by the government of Bermuda to protect the Sargasso Sea and commitments to raise a further $2.5 million to support the long-term efforts  Initiative to bring together a pan-Pacific alliance to link seascapes across the Pacific  $8 million to create a new partnership to fund longer-term oceans projects  Campaign to promote the development and use of new technologies for ocean exploration and research  Guests out on the water TED/James Duncan Davidson The Mission Blue Voyage comprised 100 leaders, thinkers, visionaries, conservationists, and no small number of celebrities—all of whom demonstrated their care for our planet’s Blue Heart.…
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Reef Splendors

A full and fascinating day of diving at three distinctly different sites here on the fringing barrier reef of Belize’s Ambergris Caye. Our first dive was to Esmeralda, a reef cut in the outer barrier reef that drops precipitously to over 30 meters (100 ft). We worked our way across a colorful, healthy reef and followed deep sand channels at 25 meters (80 ft), encountering curious nurse sharks and fearless black groupers. On our next dive we descended into the San Pedro Canyons, sharp fissures in the reef that drop away ever deeper—to 50 meters or more (165 ft). There, we spotted an inquisitive Green Moray eel and were surrounded by more nurse sharks and big groupers (at one point, we counted 12).…
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